Andalusia was amazing! And really hot. But mostly amazing, though! I love the Spanish language so I always enjoy spending time in Spain. My parents, my younger siblings and I stayed at the Pierre & Vacances residence in Estepona, which is a really nice hotel - except for the slow wi-fi and the mediocre food. 

I have A LOT of pictures because we visited different cities in Andalusia, so I'm splitting this vacation into a few separated posts. This one is, if you hadn't already noticed, about Estepona. 

Once you get away from the touristic areas near the beach, it is such an adorable place to be. I mean, look at all those flowers! Some streets have color-coordinated the flower pots, so even though the buildings are mostly white, there are still lots of colours. We visited a church, too, which was really beautiful!

Have you ever been to Spain? What's the last country you visited?



 Amy V. looking uber cool in this edgy, metal outfit | I CONFIDE IN WOLVES AT NIGHT
 Emily rocking an adorable, yet edgy, outfit; perfect for the Danish summer weather | When the sun goes down
 Luanna looking gorgeous (as always!) in this simple and super stylish outfit | Casual Summer.
 While showing off her lovely smile, Catarina is also showing off a lovely outfit | Feeling like the sun setting on the sea
 Sera sets a good example on how to accessorize a chic boheme outfit | No Worries
 Sofia is ''into the All Star fever all over again'' - I totally understand her! | KALEIDOSCOPE
Sera looking chic in this bohemian outfit | Green Lake

Hope you liked this compilation of summer outfits put together by some of my favourite bloggers!

By the way, I'm leaving for Estepona (Southern Spain) with my family on Wednesday and I will be gone for two weeks. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to try to make a post or two while I'm away, but expect a bit of silence. However, I will definitely be posting pictures on my Instagram!

See you soon!

Which outfit is your favourite? Are you going to visit another country this summer?



Crochet blouse: MANGO Jeans: H&M Shaping Denim Shoes: 67 via Jette Riis Coin necklace: Ebay Phone cover: Nunuco Design Company

I always have a really hard time transitioning from Winter to Summer - Spring is truly a confusing time of the year. "Should I wear jeans? But it'll get hotter in the afternoon.. Maybe I should just stick with shorts? And should I wear a sweater? Can you even wear a sweater with shorts, or would it look better with a t-shirt? *Confusion*" Do you feel me? Please tell me I'm not the only one with these thoughts! Fortunately, Summer is finally coming to Denmark (it was about time!) and I'm on holiday right now, so I'm good for the next months, haha.

Anyways, here's an outfit I wore a couple times during May. I adore this crochet blouse; it was seriously love at first sight when I spotted it at MANGO a few months ago. And after seeing this kind of silver coin boho-inspired necklace everywhere for the past year, I finally got my hands on one (very cheap, from Ebay) and I think it looks so good with this blouse! 

I recently upgraded myself from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 6 (all my money was gone for two whole weeks until I took a couple of babysitter jobs) and treated myself to a new cover. I've had my eye on Nunuco Design Company's covers for a little while and decided to get the Hortensia cover - it's so dreamy and beautiful! But seriously, it feels so crazy to go from a slow, small phone to such a big one! The iPhone 6 is super fast, beautifully designed and don't even get me started on the wonderful picture quality! I am very satisfied with my purchase.

What do you think of the outfit? Are you on holiday right now?




What's your favourite song at the moment?