Hi everyone!
First of all, I would like to apologise for the lack of posts! I have been so tired, stressed and busy, so I had to quit blogging for a while. Fortunately, it gave me the time to work on a new layout and I really hope you like it! 
I recently bought some jewellery online on a webshop, Tiger Market, and I thinks it's so cute and it makes me think of summer because of the light pastel colors. So I thought: Why not set up a giveaway for all of you? Aaaand, here it is - you can win a £20 gift card for TigerMarket using the widget below. 
The giveaway is open worldwide and ends the 18th of April at 00:00AM.
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T-shirts: Vero Moda Top: Vero Moda Cardigan: ONLY Pumps: Tamaris 
Here are some of the things I bought in October! I wore the colorful top and the pumps for a family event a few weeks ago, and it felt amazing being a bit taller than usual, even if my knees hurt really bad the next day. And that cardigan.. Oh, that lovely baby blue cardigan.. At first I was afraid it was going to be really itchy but after wearing it a whole day, it still felt amazingly soft and comfy. The two printed t-shirts from Vero Moda are made of a very light fabric, which makes them easy and nice to wear with a pair of jeans - and they are just so pretty!

Thanks for the lovely comments on my last blog post! To all of you who wished me good luck with the physics test, I am happy to say that it went exactly the way I had hoped! Have a nice week, everyone!

What's the last thing you bought? 



Hello, hello! Hope you had a nice day! I spent the whole afternoon babysitting and studying for a physics test tomorrow. I really want to get a good grade, because I want to prove to myself that I understand and that I can do it - but then again, if I do my very best, the grade doesn't really matter.

This time I put together some inspiring pictures I found on We Heart It the other day. I tried to keep the colors in the collages simple and autumnal, and I love how it turned out! I'm really crushing on everything in these pictures, especially the jewelry and the nail art on the last picture - how gorgeous are those moon-nails?!

What have you been doing today? And where do you usually find inspiring pictures?



T-shirt: H&M + DIY Jeans: Dr. Denim Shoes: Unknown via Jette Riis Copenhagen Denim jacket: Vero Moda Sunglasses: Tiger Necklace: Homemade

Hi everyone! How are you? I'm sorry I don't blog so much, but I just don't have time enough, and when I finally have a few hours where I'm not busy doing homework, I'm just so tired and uninspired and you know how I am - I'd rather not blog, than post something I'm not completely satisfied with.   

This is a really simple and comfortable outfit that I often wear. The t-shirt used to be a bit longer, but I cut it shorter so it would be easier to style - I love upcycling clothes! I've been using the denim jacket a lot, but unfortunately it's only getting colder and colder here in the north, so I don't wear it as much as I actually want to. But hey, fall is a beautiful season and winter is lovely, so the cold weather isn't only a bad thing!

What do you think of the outfit? And how is the weather where you live?