I've been following this account for a while, and all the outfits and pictures are just so inspiring! I would love to own all her clothes - they are all so pretty and I love the way she styles them to create different kinds of looks. 
I could talk for ages about how much I love Luanna, her blog and her Instagram account, but I'll just sum everything up in three words: SHE IS AWESOME! Her style is so cool and unique, and I love how grungy everything on her Instagram is. And last but not least, her hair is amazing!
I find all Bradi's pictures and outfits so cute! I mean, look at all the details: The small bags, the hair bows, the jewelry (and the shoes too!)... Her outfits are always so feminine and stylish and she is just so pretty! 

Make sure you check out all three girls Instagram accounts - you won't regret it! And I'm sorry for the long break between my last post and this one, I just felt really uninspired, and I hate making those uninteresting-in-a-rush-posts, so I just needed a little break.

Who are your favorite instagrammers? And what is your username on Instagram? Feel free to check out my account: @mathildejulieee





Oh my, how I wish these rings were mine - right now! They are all so pretty! I don't know why, but lately I've just fallen more and more in love with gemstone/druzy rings - they are so simple, yet so dreamy and beautiful. And I've always had a weakness for simple, edgy rings so it doesn't surprise me, that I want those black rings so bad! 

What do you think of the rings? And what do you really want to buy right now?




Denim jacket Vero Moda Sweater H&M
Long flannel shirt H&M Sunglasses Topshop
Long sleeveless shirt Depop
Shorts Vila Jeans Dr. Denim
Thought it was time for a little haul, so here are the things I bought last month! I wasn't sure about the denim jacket at first, but now I'm so in love with it - it's just perfect for the weather in Denmark right now (sunny with some wind) and it's so cute!I don't have much to say about the sweater, except that the color is so pretty and it's super comfy. / When I saw the long flannel shirt I knew I had to buy it - since the day I saw Luanna wearing one I have been totally in love with the idea of a large shirt, and I felt like the luckiest person when I found one in H&M! / And those sunglasses are just so cool! I know, I know, the sun will stop shining soon, but I couldn't help it.. / It was my first time buying on Depop when I bought the palm tree shirt, and I am very satisfied. The seller was so nice and everything went fine, except the shirt is a bit too big, so I might have to practice my sewing skills, haha! / And last but not least; a pair of black shorts and a pair of black jeans. Believe it or not, I actually didn't have a pair of well-fitting black jeans, so I'm glad I found these, because they are so comfortable!

What did you buy in August? And what do you think of my buys? 




T-shirt: Ralph Lauren Skirt: Bilook Shoes: 67 Sunglasses and bracelet: Unknown

Another outfit post - yay! I found the Polo Jeans shirt in a thrift store, and I almost never used it, until the day I cut the sleeves of - I love wearing it, and I thought it fit my plaid skirt so well! Other than that my outfit just consists of my favorite white plateau shoes and a pair of classic Wayfarer sunglasses. Oh, and the bracelet too, which I never really use, but it looked great with this outfit!

What do you think of the outfit? And how was your weekend?